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Get More For Your Ethereum With SonicBank

Staking Ethereum with SonicBank gets 500% higher rewards as compared to other players. Our fees are lower. Ethereum Staking is our primary business.

Leading Ethereum Staking platforms either take high fee between 10% - 60% of yields. Or provide Liquid Staking (while also taking fee). Liquid staking is a marketing gimmick and the peg is broken for both BETH (Binance Eth or Beacon Chain Eth) and for stETH. For more information please see my previous post Liquid Ethereum Staking Is A Lie.

iSonicBank takes flat 5% cut from all yields generated. No hidden fee, no gimmicks. We also take 1% of the yields and put that into an insurance fund to ward off any potential eventuality. We will redistribute these funds back to our customers on a rolling basis. So in reality, you only pay 5% fee.

Furthermore, we are the only Ethereum Staking provider that have publicly declared to also return transaction fees and count them towards total yield. For more information see our Profitability Calculator 

ethereum growth with sonicbank

So your Ethereum grows way faster with us as compared to any other platform. 

We also provide end to end traceability of user funds. Have internal systems and controls for slashing alerts and managing any such events. And we have built our staking infrastructure with security in mind from day one. 

And we have committed our own Ether before asking anyone else to come onboard.

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